English Saddle Brands List – The Best Brands

One of the most important pieces of tack a rider need is a saddle, so we’ve put together a best of English saddle brands list for you. A saddle must fit both the rider and the horse correctly.



CWD is a high-end French saddle maker. It is one of the most popular saddle brands in the hunter-jumper world. CWD offers several different models.


Voltaire is one of the newest saddle brands.


The structure of each Pessoa saddle is the same, providing a constantly balanced feel for riders. 


Bates is another popular saddle brand for the smaller budget.


Wintec differs from other saddles brands because it does not use leather. 


Butet is a long-established, high-end French saddle maker. 


Stubben is a long-respected saddle brand. It falls into the mid-price range. 


Prestige is the most famous Italian saddle maker. It is one of the oldest brands in the world. 


We round off our English saddle brands list with another fantastic French saddle maker. Antares is a popular brand of saddles, known for its quality, design, and comfort. 

We hope you found this English saddles brands list helpful. We’ve highlighted the best brands on the market, making sure to include some more affordable options. If you’re looking for a new saddle, keep in mind that buying used is always a good option to consider.


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