English Saddle Brands List – The Best Brands

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

One of the most important pieces of tack a rider need is a saddle, so we’ve put together a best-of-English saddle brands list for you. A saddle must fit both the rider and the horse correctly. A poorly fitting saddle can damage your horse’s back and cause behavioral problems. As for the rider, a saddle can affect your position, security, and comfort.


CWD is a high-end French saddle maker. It is one of the most popular saddle brands in the hunter-jumper world. CWD offers several different models. Each model comes in a flat, semi-deep, or deep seat. The three hunter-jumper models are the 2Gs, Classic, and 2Gs Mademoiselle. Both 2G models feature the Dynamick®, carbon Kevlar tree. This specially designed tree flexes to move with the horse, creating less restriction.

The seat is a gel, which gives the rider the ultimate comfort, while the flaps have leg reinforcement to provide support for your legs. The Mademoiselle has all the features of the standard 2Gs but is designed specifically for women.

English Saddle Brand - CWD

CWD also has a range of dressage and eventing saddles. For the perfect fit for both horse and rider, CDW offers a custom saddle service. As a premium brand, CWD is one of the most expensive options.


Voltaire is one of the newest saddle brands. The brand launched in 2010, in California, and has since become one of the most popular saddles in the United States. Even though the brand started in California, it has the ethos of all the French premium saddle producers.

Voltaire prides itself on being innovative and researching the most modern effective saddle designs. The only way to buy a new Voltaire saddle is to order it custom-made through one of their reps. It is possible to find them used, which also makes the costs more reachable.


The Pessoa saddle is a popular mid-price option. The structure of each Pessoa saddle is the same, providing a constantly balanced feel for riders. On top of the base structure, you will have a choice of options. You can choose the color, stitch pattern, and leather type. All newer Pessoa saddles come with an adjustable gullet. 


Bates is another popular saddle brand for the smaller budget. Though keep in mind no new saddle is cheap! The line comes in jumping, general-purpose, and dressage saddles. One of the most appealing features of this saddle is its CAIR panel system.

These panels contain air, which helps provide cushion and even rider weight distribution for the horse. It also allows you to change the size of the gullet to ensure you get the best fit for your horse.


Wintec differs from other saddles brands because it does not use leather. It is the most popular synthetic brand. These saddles are lightweight, easy to look after, and inexpensive. There is no custom option, but they do feature the CAIR cushioning system and a flexible tree.


But is a long-established, high-end French saddle maker. Their jumping saddles come in a flat, semi-deep, and deep seat. They also offer dressage and eventing models. The leather is a calfskin which helps improve the rider’s grip in the saddle.

Butet is an expensive brand for riders who want the best support, style, and freedom of movement in the saddle.

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Stubben is a long-respected saddle brand. It falls into the mid-price range. Stubben saddles have a reputation for durability.

The line offers a wide choice of sizes, including seven tree widths, four-seat sizes, eleven-panel options, and two different twists. Stubben’s saddle tree helps ensure good shock absorption, and wither protection.


Prestige is the most famous Italian saddlemaker. It is one of the oldest brands in the world. The line contains several models ranging from flat with no knee padding to a deep seat. Even though these are close-contact saddles, they do not lack comfort for the horse and rider.

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We round off our English saddle brands list with another fantastic French saddle maker. Antares is a popular brand of saddles, known for its quality, design, and comfort. They offer custom, semi-custom, and ready-to-wear saddles.

All saddles come in a choice of sizes, flaps, and seats. They offer jumping, dressage, and eventing models. Custom saddles come with the option of twelve different color accents. To complete an Antares saddle seventy-five pieces of leather and foam are used.

English Saddle Brand - Antares

Are English or Western Saddles More Expensive?

When it comes to both English and western saddles, each has a very wide price range. Many people regard western saddles as more expensive than English ones, but it is possible to pick up a bargain sometimes.

In the past, English saddles were made of the finest quality hand-crafted leather. However, modern synthetic saddles tend to be much cheaper to produce, and it is now possible to get an English synthetic saddle that is far cheaper than a good quality western saddle.

What Are The Different Types of English Saddles?

Within English riding, there are many different disciplines and riding styles. To cater to this, there are several different types of English saddles, all with key features tailored to the equestrian discipline in question.

The most common type is the general-purpose saddle, also referred to as an all-purpose or eventing saddle. This type allows the rider to participate in several disciplines using the same saddle but is not suited for more advanced-level competitions.

For jumping, many riders will use a close-contact forward-seat jumping saddle. This has shorter saddle flaps that are cut further forward, in direct contrast to the dressage saddle which has long, straight saddle flaps. Racing saddles are even higher cut than jumping saddles, to cater to the short stirrup length of the riders.

You will also come across saddles to suit specialist equestrian disciplines, such as polo saddles, sidesaddles, endurance saddles, and show saddles. Each of these is designed to suit the position of the rider, whilst maintaining the comfort and ease of movement of the horse.

How Much is a Used English Saddle?

Used saddles in good condition tend to hold their value well, and you can expect to pay upwards of $400 for a decent used saddle. When buying a used saddle it is advisable to use the services of a reputable saddle fitter, who will ensure that the saddle not only fits your horse but that it is safe to use. Second-hand saddles should be tested for structural integrity and deterioration of parts before being sold.

What Are The Parts of an English Saddle?

The English saddle is quite simple, but it has some key parts that riders should be aware of. The part where the rider sits is called the seat; behind this is the cantle, and in front is the pommel. On either side of the seat are short flaps of leather called the skirt, under which the stirrup bars are located.

The large pieces of leather which sit under the rider’s legs are called the saddle flaps. At the front of each saddle, the flap is a knee roll that helps to keep the rider’s leg in position. Under the saddle, flaps lie the saddle panels, where the girth straps are located.

Who Invented The First English Saddle?

Saddles have been used on horses – and other animals – for nearly two thousand years, and during this time they have had many different manifestations. The English saddle, despite its name, is thought to owe its development to French riding masters in the 1700s. Here they developed a flattering style of saddle that English riders soon found was more comfortable for equine pursuits such as foxhunting.

Are High Horse Saddles Good?

High Horse Saddles are a top-quality, customizable saddle brand that many people recommend. They manufacture many different types of saddles aimed at western riding disciplines, such as barrel racing and trail riding.

If you are considering buying a new saddle, it is a big investment that you will want to get right the first time. A good saddler will be able to let you try saddles from a range of different brands, to help you find one that suits you and your horse.

How to Remove a Saddle From a Horse?

When you’ve finished a riding session you need to safely remove the tack from the horse. Normally the bridle is removed before the saddle, although this will depend on whether the horse is wearing a martingale or other piece of tack that connects the saddle and the bridle.

As soon as you dismount from your horse, loosen the girth by a couple of holes. This will ease the pressure from the saddle on the horse’s back while you make your way back to the barn. Cross the stirrups over the saddle or run them up the stirrup leathers to stop them from knocking against the horse’s side as it moves.

Once you are back at the barn and the horse is safely tied up, the saddle can be removed. Undo the girth buckles on the left side and carefully lower the girth so it hangs downwards, taking care not to let it knock against the legs of the horse. Move round to the right side and either unbuckle the girth completely or lay it over the top of the saddle.

Returning to the left side of the horse, grip the saddle and saddlecloth firmly with one hand at the pommel and the other at the cantle. Lift the saddle as far as you can, then move it towards you and away from the horse. This lifting motion will help to prevent injury to your horse’s back.

Remove the saddle cloth from the saddle to air dry, and place the saddle carefully on a saddle rack. If the horse is sweaty, sponge away any sweat marks and remove excess water. Horses that have not sweated up can have the saddle area brushed to help maintain the effective circulation of blood in the skin.

English Horse Saddle Conclusion

We hope you found this English saddles brands list helpful. We’ve highlighted the best brands on the market, making sure to include some more affordable options. If you’re looking for a new saddle, keep in mind that buying a used one is always a good option to consider.

You can get a high-end saddle used for the price of a new mid-range one. The most important thing about buying a saddle, regardless of the brand, is that it fits you and your horse correctly.