Famous Horse Names In History

For thousands of years, horses have worked alongside humans to pull off some incredible feats, from tales of stamina to amazing achievements.


Top 9 Famous Historical Horses

Bucephalus is an ancient legend, who was the favorite steed of Alexander the Great. He was a huge black stallion, said to be unrideable until Alexander helped to cure his fears.


Born in 1808, this plucky and courageous horse famously carried the Duke of Wellington for 17 hours in the Battle of Waterloo. His stamina and tireless endurance were thought to be due ...


Who said that you had to be tall to be an equine champion! Technically a pony, Stroller was the smallest horse to ever compete at the Olympics. Standing at 14.2 hands high, Stroller flew ...


Trigger was one of the most famous horses ever to appear on the silver screen. This legendary palomino stallion was the mount of Roy Rogers and featured in a total of 81 movies. He also ...

The story of Beautiful Jim Key is a remarkable one. This horse was not famous for his athletic endeavors, but he was thought to be highly intelligent and could perform incredible ...

Beautiful Jim Key

So, as we’ve learned, there are some incredible and legendary famous horse names in history! We’ve loved finding out the stories behind these names, and there are many more horses that we could have included.


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