Good Names For Brown Horses

Are you looking for some good names for brown horses? Read below for the most creative, unique, and clever names for your bay friend!


What Kind Of Horses Are Brown?

Horses that have a brown body, black mane and tail, and black legs are actually called “bay”. Bay-colored horses are by far the most common type of coloring, making up about 80% of the horse population.

Best Brown Horse Names

 Brownie  Cappuccino/Espresso  Toffee  Whiskey  Sundance  Cocoa

Famous Brown Horse Names

Budweiser Clydesdales: commercials in the Superbowl Seabiscuit:  most popular racehorses  Spirit: popular Disney movie, is actually a buckskin-colored horse that has a light tan body.

Brown and White Horse Names

Patches: is the perfect name for your two-toned friend. Mosiac: are pieces of art made with tiles that blend together to form a colorful pattern or picture Paint: horse who resembles one often seen in the old west.

Fun Facts About Brown Horses

Did you know bay horses can actually change colors? Some horses can be born bay but turn grey as they become older. This will only happen to horses that have both the grey and bay genetic code in their DNA.

We hope that this is a helpful guide to naming your bay horse. Brown horses are popular for a reason, they are beautiful to look at and are always wonderful companions!


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