Good Names For Brown Horses

Last Updated on January 21, 2022

Are you looking for some good names for brown horses? Read below for the most creative, unique, and clever names for your bay friend!

What Kind Of Horses Are Brown?

When looking at horses you may notice that the majority of them are brown. Have you ever wondered what brown horses are actually called?

Horses that have a brown body, black mane and tail, and black legs are actually called “bay”. Bay-colored horses are by far the most common type of coloring, making up about 80% of the horse population.

There are many varieties of bay coloring found as well, aside from the traditional brown body with black points.

Black-bay horses can often be confused with solid black horses. However, the horse will still be classified as a bay if in addition to a black body the horse also has a brown muzzle and brown flanks. Make sure to look closely when identifying the true color of your horse!

brown and white horse names

A blood-bay horse is the second darkest coloring classified as bay. The horse’s body will have a deep red coloring, while still having darker points in the mane, tail, and legs.

If you see a brown horse with no black points, the horse is likely classified as chestnut colored. Chesnut-colored horses have a lighter brown or red hue to them, and this color extends to their mane, tail, and legs.

Bay-colored horses can be found in almost all of the most popular breeds. Many Clydesdales, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, and Warmbloods are all born bay.

Best Brown Horse Names

Now that you are well informed about bay horses, here are some good names for brown horses that may interest you!


Naming your horse Brownie of course has to be at the top of our list! Could be a reference to the delicious dessert, could be a reference to the horse’s color, it’s up to you!


We combined two favored coffee drinks into top names for our list. If your horse is a lighter bay color, Cappuccino would be a good fit as this popular coffee drink contains milk and has a softer color. If your horse is a darker bay, Espresso would be a fitting name as it is the dark color of a shot of coffee.


Toffee would also be an excellent name for a brown horse. Everyone loves this candy, and it comes in many different shades that could fit whatever pigment your horse is!


For a more mature owner, Whiskey is a name that is sure to get noticed. Known for its golden color, and popularity, people will love meeting a horse named Whiskey.


Bringing to mind a golden desert area, naming your horse Sundance gives nods to the wild west. Sundance is also the name of an apparel company founded by Robert Redford, an actor who worked with horses several times in movies.


Cocoa powder is obviously the brown color of chocolate (which would also make a great brown horse’s name by the way!) but is more commonly used as a name for all kinds of animals.

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Famous Brown Horse Names

Brown horses are very popular not only in daily life but in the entertainment world as well! Here are some famous bay horses that may inspire good brown horse names.

Budweiser Clydesdales

The Budweiser Clydesdales are no doubt the most easily recognized bay horses. Thanks to their yearly commercials in the Superbowl, even people with very little knowledge about horses are familiar with these famous draft horses.

You may be surprised to learn that the Budweiser Clydesdales have very simple names, like Bud, Duke Captain, and Mark. The horses are given short names to make it easier for the driver to communicate clearly with the horses while driving them.

Naming your horse after a Budweiser Clydesdale is sure to be a great conversation starter!


If your horse is quicker than most, it may be fun to name your horse after one of the most popular racehorses of all time! Seabiscuit was a dark bay color and got his name in an interesting way.

Racehorses are commonly named with part of their sire or dam’s name included. Hard Tack was the name of Seabuscuit’s father, and hardtack bread is a hard biscuit that was commonly used to feed people on ships since it requires no refrigeration on long journeys. Seacuscuit’s creative name was thus formed.


Spirit, from the popular Disney movie, is actually a buckskin-colored horse that has a light tan body. However, buckskin is still a form of bay coloring as the horse’s mane, legs, and tail are all black. Spirit is a great name for a horse who is brave, strong, and smart, just like the horse in the movie.

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Brown and White Horse Names


‘Patches’ is the perfect name for your two-toned friend. Things that are patched are usually many different patterns and colors combined together.


Mosaic is another excellent name for a horse with several colors. Mosaics are pieces of art made with tiles that blend together to form a colorful pattern or picture. Maybe your horse’s brown and white coat had combined to make a unique pattern also!


Quite literally, a brown and white horse is often called a Paint colored horse. Paint would also be a great name for a horse who resembles one often seen in the old west.

Fun Facts About Brown Horses

brown horse names

Did you know bay horses can actually change colors? Some horses can be born bay but turn grey as they become older. This will only happen to horses that have both the grey and bay genetic code in their DNA.

Only one breed of horse has to be bay-colored in order to be registered. The Clevland Bay is a breed from England. Despite the brown horse’s popularity, the breed has almost gone extinct several times.

Brown Horse Names

We hope that this is a helpful guide to naming your bay horse. Brown horses are popular for a reason, they are beautiful to look at and are always wonderful companions!