Best Names For Colored Horses

Last Updated on January 21, 2022

If you are looking for the best list of horse names, you’ve come to the right place! Take a look at our top names for a variety of colored horses.

Different Colors of Horses

Horses come in all kinds of colors! And no two horses are exactly the same.

Coloring in horses depends on the genes of their parents. Often it is difficult to determine ahead of time the exact color a foal may turn out to be.

In addition to their coat coloring, horses can have unique white markings on their legs. White hair that starts on the horse’s legs from the fetlock area to below the knee is called a sock. If a similar pattern extends above the knee or hock, it is called a stocking.

Horses also can have distinct markings on their face. A stripe is a narrow line of white running from the horse’s nose to between his eyes. A blaze marking on the horse’s face is the same thing, but wider than a stripe. A star is a large or small marking on the horse’s forehead.

There are many variations of markings on horses that could narrow down your search for the perfect horse name. Take a look below for our list of horse names based on coloring.

Best Grey Colored Horse Names

Grey horses are commonly found in barns and are extremely popular among horse owners these days! Even if they are very hard to keep clean.

Have you ever wondered why horses are usually referred to as ‘grey’ and not ‘white’? The horse may have a white coat, but if you look closely most horses’ skin actually has a grey pigment to it. You can tell if your horse is actually a true grey by looking to see if his muzzle appears grey.

While it is rare, occasionally you will see a ‘true white’ horse. These horses have no pigment to their skin, and their muzzle and the skin around their eyes will look pink.

There is no shortage of horse names for grey or white horses! Here are our top picks for the most popular names.


Snowflake is a wonderful name for your grey friend. Horses that are dappled can resemble a snowdrift or the patterns within a snowflake, making this a creative choice that others will love.


Phantom is a mysterious and beautiful name. It also is the name of Zoro’s white horse in the Disney series Zorro.


Using characters from Greek mythology as names for horses has always been popular. Pegasus is an immortal white, winged horse who is one of two children from Posideon and Medusa.

coloured horse names

Top Bay Horse Names

Bay horses come in a variety of brown and black colors and maybe the most common color found in horses today. A true bay horse has a brown body with black ‘points,’ meaning a black tail, mane, and legs.

Dark bay horses may appear black, but actually have brown hair around their muzzle and flanks. There are also lighter bay-colored horses, whose bodies can range from light brown to tan.

While bay horses come in many varieties, here are some of the best names for brown-colored horses that are sure to go well with whatever shade your horse is.


Besides the obvious nod to the color brown, Brownie is a fun name for your bay horse as it also reminds people of their favorite sweet treat.


Latte would make a great name for a lighter-colored bay horse, as the drink starts off dark brown but is lightened with milk. If your horse is a darker bay, but you would still like to shout out coffee, ‘Espresso’ would also be a good option.


Comanche is a famous bay mustang with a white star on his forehead. He is known as being the sole survivor of General George Custer’s command after the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876.

Top Chestnut Colored Horse Names

Chestnut horses are also very commonly found in barns today. A horse is considered chestnut-colored if his body is a light brown or red color, with the mane and tail being the same color or slightly lighter. If the horse has any black on his body, he is not a true chestnut.

Chestnut horses come in a variety of shades as well, from a deep red to a light tan. Almost all breeds can produce chestnut-colored horses. Even Friesians who are predominantly black have been known to have a chestnut-colored foal!

Below are our top picks for chestnut-colored horse names.


This name can make people think of a flash of lightning, also golden in color. It is also the name of the horse in the popular Disney movie Flash, a story about a young boy trying to buy back his beloved horse.


Ginger, for obvious reasons, would be a wonderful name for your chestnut horse. It is also the name of the feisty mare who was friends with Black Beauty in the famous novel by Anna Sewell.


Copper also makes a wonderful name for your red-coated friend and is a popular choice for chestnuts.

Best Black Colored Horse Names

Black horses are highly desired today! And because they are commonly confused with dark bay horses, they may not be as commonly found as you would think. A great way to tell if your horse is a true black horse is to make sure there is no brown hair on the horse’s coat. The skin on his muzzle and around his eyes should also be black.

Some horse breeds are generally always black, with a few exceptions. These breeds include Frisians, the Dales pony, the Fell pony, and Murgese horses.

Here are our top picks for the best names for black-colored horses!


This name is an ode to Jonny Cash, a popular singer in the 1960s. Cash famously wore all black during his performances. He wore a black shirt at his first performance to ‘look smart’ and then continued to wear black after that for good luck.


Khan is the name of the well-known black horse in the Disney animated movie Mulan. He is loyal, sweet, and doesn’t put up with too much nonsense from the other characters!


Comet is a great name for a black horse, as comets are often flashes of light standing out in a huge black night sky.

Top Names For Colored Horses

We hope you have enjoyed this list, and it has given you some creative names to think about for your friend.

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