Horse Show Names For Mares – 27 Show Stoppers

Last Updated on March 4, 2022

Your beautiful new horse is batting her eyelashes at you, and you can’t wait to get out of the show, so let’s take a look at horse show names for mares. Choosing a name for your horse is great fun, if not a little headache-inducing. We want to help you along with some fun ideas.

Best Horse Show Names

#1 All-Around Fancy

Your mare deserves a name that expresses her good looks. This name elegantly conveys her beauty, suitable for any type of riding discipline.

Best Horse Show Names - All-Around Fancy

#2 Ask Nicely

You know what they say about mares, you can’t tell them what to do. Ask Nicely perfectly shows that you have a strong mare, maybe even a chestnut one!

#3 Awesome Blossom

For an adorable mare, particularly a pony, this name is perfect.

#4 Toffee Surprise

Toffee Surprise is another name we love. Perfect for a pony or a horse will a light chestnut or palomino coat.

#5 Chocolate Truffles

Another super cute name for a pony mare. You can picture it now, with Chocolate Truffles and her little rider impressing the judges in the ring.

#6 Beautiful Blonde

If your mare has luscious blonde locks, this name suits her perfectly.

Best Horse Show Names - Beautiful Blonde

#7 Dazzling Belle

If your mare is the belle of the south, Dazzling Belle will dazzle the other competitors in the show ring.

#8 Hera

If your mare is a goddess and you want a short and sweet name, Hera is a good choice. Hera is the wife of Zeus in Greek mythology and the goddess of women and a proud deity. Perfect for a mare that is beautiful and knows it.

#9 Nyx

Short horse show names are popular. Sticking with Greek mythology for another entry, consider Nyx, the mysterious goddess of night. This is a great name for a black horse that gives off an ethereal vibe.

#10 Black Pearl

A lovely horse show name for a dark-haired beauty that doesn’t like to rock the boat with a name that’s too ‘out there.’

#11 Esmeralda

A pretty name that comes from the Spanish word for ‘emerald’. Esmeralda is a slightly different spelling if you want something a little different.

Best Horse Show Names - Esmeralda

#12 Hermioneigh

Harry Potter fans will love this take on the name Hermionie. Show off your love of the books and sense of humor with this fun name.

#13 Princess Fluffy

Do you have a mare that could win a competition of fluffy horse coats? This is the name for her!

#14 Ms. Sassafrass

One of those perfect horse show names for mares that have a spicy personality.

#15 Serenity

If your mare is the epitome of grace, calm, and elegant behavior Serenity could suit her perfectly.

#16 Buckle Up Buttercup

We love this fun name for a mare that is full of life and likes to show off. Perfect for an evening or barrel racing mare that loves letting loose.

Best Horse Show Names - Buckle Up Buttercup

#17 High Maintenance

A name for a mare that has a tendency towards diva behavior and expects nothing but the best.

#18 Ice Queen

Grey mares are extra special horses. They combine the ask me nicely personality trait of mares with the secret skills of how to get dirty that all grey horses possess.

#19 Cinnamon Spice

What this name lacks in originality, it makes up for with its classicism. A great show name for those redheaded mares in your life.

#20 Sprinkle Explosion

A horse show name for mares with spotted or Appaloosa coats. This name would suit both horses and ponies.

#21 Pilot Error

If you have one of those super mares that look after you in the show ring, this name puts a fun spin on rider navigational issues.

Horse Show Names - Pilot Error

#22 Heaven Sent

For those mares who never put a hoof wrong, and are essentially angels.

#23 Mischief Maker

The perfect horse show name for a mare that likes to stir things up, and keep everyone on their toes.

#24 I’m No Princess

A fun horse show name for mares that take no-nonsense, and give their all when competing.

#25 I Only Wear Prada

If your mare only wants the best in horse wear, she won’t accept a horse show name that is anything less than haute couture.

#26 Genuine Risk

Those that know their horse racing history will recognize this name. Genuine Risk was famous for winning the Kentucky Derby, the second mare ever to win it.

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#27 Quevega

Naming for your horse Quevega is the perfect nod to one of the best National Hunt racing mares to grace the planet. Quevega is famous for her incredible feat of winning the Mare’s Hurdle at the prestigious Cheltenham Festival six times in a row!

If you like funny horse names racehorses often have some of the best. Watch this hilarious video for some of the funniest racehorse names in the UK. NOTE – video is suitable for adults only.


Choosing horse show names for mares is a personal decision. The name should suit your horse and your personality. If you love a bit of fun, go for a humorous twist. Or if you prefer staying inside the lines, pick something simple and elegant.

We hope you like this taster of horse name options, and it got your brain thinking. Horse show name options are unlimited! We’d love to know your favorite horse names that you’ve heard?

What should my horses show name be?

Your horses stable name is a good place to start when thinking of something unique. Combine that with the characteristics of your horse’s personality, its likes and dislikes and the way it performs in the show ring. The combination of all these elements can make for a really catchy brand name that is perfect for your horse’s show name!
What are some other options? A common choice is to have your horses show name match the owners last name. If your last name is Smith and you have a horse named ‘Lucky’ then you could call your horse ‘Lucky Smith’. Another option is to have the horse’s name be a word that describes their personality or performance.

What is the most popular name for a horse?

The ten most popular male horse names are Jack, Charlie, Billy, Harry, Bailey, Alfie, George, Murphy, Bobby and Paddy. Later on in the 20th century, names such as Queenie, Dusty, Silver, Dakota, Rascal, Black, Misty, Tiny, Geordie, Diamond, Harley, Shazza, Sky, Pipkin, Cobber, Chippie, Alfie, Hamish, Mango, Chipper, Boomer, Rocket, Junior, Shep, Cash, Rosie, Sparky, Mr and Tom all began to make the top ten.
Later names such as Buddy, Beau, Dusty, Daisy, Emily, Fergie, Lizzie, Parker, Rex, Teddy, Xavier and Charlie are also popular.
Most popular names for female horses include Lucy, Jo, Belle, Freya, Pearl, Rose, Violet, Milly, Flossie, Dolly, Stella, Lucy, Jo, Daisy, Stella, Belle and Pearl.

What are some unique horse names?

I know that there are plenty of “common” names for horses, but what are some unique or uncommon names? Here is the list of some interesting horse names and the meaning behind them:
1. Cinder – This name means “fiery” in Latin, which can be a very positive or negative thing depending on who you ask. 
2. Cora – This name means “golden” in Latin. It was probably used to describe a horse with golden hair because of its color.
3. Diamond – This name comes from the Latin word “diamantum,” which means “of great value.” It is also an adjective meaning “very bright.” 
4. Edna – This name comes from the Latin words “Edonus” and “Edens,” which mean “green” and “greening” or “springtime.” 
5. Fawn – This name comes from the Latin word “Favo,” which means “fawn.” It was used for a very young horse because they are so light in color. 

What is a good female horse name?

I would think the best female horse name is one that’s easy to pronounce and reflects a special characteristic of your mare. Some good examples of mares names are: Celestina – a beautiful white mare. Tessa – a lovely red mare. Dorothy – a very pretty grey mare. Rita – a very attractive mare. Other suggestions for a good mare name include: Sophie – an intelligent, strong and athletic mare. Lola – a lovely mare with a great personality. 
I like to pick out names that have a certain meaning to me – the more personal, the better. A good name can help a new owner and horse bond, so choose one that you really love. The name you give your horse should be something you can live with for the rest of your life.