Home Remedy For Founder

Founder, or laminitis, is a serious hoof condition. Due to the unique circumstances in which it may occur and the species it affects, many new horse owners are unaware of the condition. 


What is “Founder”?

Although laminitis and founder are used interchangeably, laminitis is frequently used to refer to an initial onset and symptoms. Founder, especially the term “founder prone”, is used to describe a chronic condition significantly affecting the coffin bone.

- Abrupt change in diet, specifically excessive sugars or feed grains - Sever colic episodes - High fevers or certain illnesses - Retained placentas in mares

- Certain toxins in a horse’s body - “Road founder”, or hoof concussion - Excessive weight imbalances - Other foot diseases - Steroid use in overweight or insulin-resistant horses


Laminitis can be acute or chronic. Acute symptoms include lameness, increased digital pulses in hooves, hoof heat, certain responses to hoof testers, or a half park or “sawhorse” stance.

Home Remedy for Founder

Treatment: any treatment plan is a diagnosis. At-home remedies for mild founder Prevention: All feed needs to be secure and away from horses, and rich pasture grass should be introduced slowly. 

The founder is a serious and sometimes life-threatening condition. Be sure to monitor your horse’s weight, food intake/exposure, and maintain a regular farrier schedule. For more information, contact your equine veterinarian.


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