Horse Bit Severity Guide

Even experienced horsemen and women are frequently confused or uneducated on all the different types of bits out there today. This is about horse bit guide.


Why Are There So Many Options about Horse Bit Guide?

So, a bit is essentially a piece of metal that sits behind a horse’s teeth.  If it’s so simple, why are there hundreds of variations and options ...

Horse Bit Guide: Snaffle Bits

Snaffle bits are notoriously the most simple and least severe type of bit. But, it is also the most diverse category of bit, and as such there are special variations ...

Curb bits are known for being very severe, but also for being used for very specialized purposes. The Curb bits are frequently used in upper-level dressage.

Horse Bit Guide: Curb Bits

Pelham Bits

Pelham bits are frequently used in the hunter/jumper ring.  They have two sets of reins, attached to one bit.  Pelham bits also allow for additional leverage to be presented to the ...

Horse Bit Guide: Gag Bits

Gag bits are kind of a happy medium between curb bits and pelham bits, in terms of severity.  Gag bits appear to look like snaffle bits, but they also provide the ...

There are many bits to choose from, and the best thing you can do is educate yourself! And, as always, consult a professional; your trainer, a pro-rider, even your vet.


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