Understanding Your Horse’s Body Language: Horse Ears Language Chart

Ever wonder what your horse body language is? Finding the answers may be easier than you think! Horses may not be able to speak to us, but they can tell us how they feel through body language.


Horse Body Language

* Horse Ears Positions * Horse Legs Language * Horse Muzzle

Horse Ears Positions

Horses’ ears are by far the most expressive part of their bod in terms of communication. There are at least seven ear-positions that can tell you what a horse is thinking and feeling.  The chart below shows these positions.

Horse Legs Language

An action that often scares people new to horses is stomping.  Horses lift and stomp their hooves quickly on the ground. The most common reason for this action is flies.  Horses use the stomping motion to get rid of flies that bite at their legs.

Horse Muzzle

My favorite body language position that horses show is the drooping lip.  When a horse’s bottom lip is limp and drooping down from his muzzle, this is a sign that he is completely relaxed and trusting of his situation.

Horses may not have words to speak, but they speak through their body language.  Their ears, legs, and muzzles give signs to how they are feeling and what they are thinking. 


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