Horse Movies Based On True Stories

Struggles, triumph, sadness, and love, are all parts that make the great horse movies based on true stories that horse fans around the world adore.



Secretariat brings the story of this legendary racehorse to your screens and Disney’s streaming service. This is one of the most recent, and successful horse movies based on true stories.

Phar Lap

Phar Lap follows the story of a New Zealand-born racehorse that became one of the most famous Thoroughbreds in the world. After his birth in New Zealand in 1926, Phar Lap arrives in ...

Like most horse movies based on true stories, Seabiscuit brings us the story of another legendary racehorse.



The 1984 movie, Champions, tells the true story of Bob Champion, a British steeple chase jockey. The story follows Bob’s health struggles during the late 1970s. Instead of letting his ...


Shergar was an Irish racehorse worth an estimated 10 million, that was kidnapped in 1983. What exactly happened to Shergar and by who is still a mystery. Ransom demands were made, but ...


Ruffian is a TV movie from 2007 featuring one of the most legendary racing fillys of all time in the United States.

We hope this article gives you some great ideas for famous racehorses movies to watch. Our favorite on the list is Secretariat, followed closely by Phar Lap. In addition to horse movies based on true stories, there are many more fictional movies based on classic books.


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