How Much Do Jockeys Weigh?

When you see them riding a powerful horse, it can be hard to understand how these lightweight riders can possibly be in control. But how much do jockeys weigh?


What Is A Horse Jockey?

A professional rider who competes in horse races is called a jockey. Jockeys are normally self-employed riders, who are paid a fee by horse trainers to ride their horses in ...

Why Does A Jockeys Weight Matter?

The world of horse racing is very competitive. This means that certain systems must be in place to ensure that the race is fair and that the horses are as closely ...

How Are Jockeys Weighed?

The weight allocated to a horse includes the jockey, plus the horse’s tack. These are weighed together and if the weight is too low then lead weights are added to the saddle.

Does The Jockey Height Matter? Average Height Of A Jockey

It is no secret that jockeys are not very tall! However, unlike weight, the height of a jockey is not taken into account when allocating ...

The average weight of a jockey in the U.S is 109 to 116 pounds. Horses are normally allocated a handicap weight of between 113 and 118 pounds, including the tack.

What Is The Average Jockey Weight?

So, as we have learned, a jockey needs to maintain very low body weight to give their horse the best possible advantage in the race. Most jockeys weigh between 109 and 116 pounds, making them one of the smallest horse riding sportsmen in the world.


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