How Do Horses Get Strangles?

I’m not sure there’s a sickness that sounds worse than Strangles! The name itself sheds light on how nasty this sickness can be.  Strangles in horses is a highly contagious equine sickness that is found worldwide.


What is Strangles in Horses?

Strangles is a highly infectious equine disease that primarily affects horses from ages one through five, though all horses can succumb to it if sufficiently exposed.  When a horse contract strangles...

Strangles Symptoms In Horses

The horse can feel although it cannot breathe. The raspy noises horses make when trying to breathe with these infected lymph nodes can often sound like ...

The most common way for a horse to contract strangles is through physical contact with ...

How Does a Horse Contract Strangles?

How Do You Treat Strangles?

The best way to treat strangles is to contain it.  This is why barns completely shut down to any kind of travel until the disease has passed.  Strangles will run its course on a horse and will ...

A Strangles Cure?

There is a vaccine for equine strangles, but not many horses get it.  This is because it has so many side effects. Most horse owners and barn owners decide it is not worth the ...

Strangles can be a scary illness to deal with, but it can be manageable if you are prepared.  Always keep an eye on horses that have been traveling and horses that are new to your barn. If a case of strangles does occur, make sure basic sterilization.


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