How Much Do Horse Trainers Make?

Many people dream about making a career of training horses. But how much do horse trainers actually make?


What Does It Mean To Be A Horse Trainer?

No doubt many children grow up wanting to be a horse trainer. But what does this really mean? Is it as simple as it sounds? And can you actually make enough money turning horse training into your career?

How Much Do Horse Trainers Get Paid?

Some top horse trainers can make close to $200,000 annually. This comes after much hard work, experience, and success. But is that a realistic number for most people?

Earning Prize Money As A Horse Trainer

Horse trainers can also get paid in prize money if their horses compete and excel on a high level. Earning this type of money can only be expected for seasoned trainers who have dedicated their lives to showing and competing with horses. 

How To Become A Horse Trainer

There are many certificates and degrees you can earn in equine science.  Many colleges offer courses, and there are also online options for those wanting to get a bachelor’s degree in equine studies. 

The average salary of a horse trainer can certainly add up. This makes training horses a realistic career if you are willing to put the hard work and time into developing the needed skills.


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