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How Much Does A Male Horse Weigh

Horses are large, powerful animals, and with that in mind, they are pretty heavy, which can make them dangerous, but how much does a male horse weigh? Do male horses always weigh more than females? Not necessarily, so let’s take a look.


Full Grown Horse Weight

The general rule is that an average size horse weighs 1,000 pounds. 

Mass Of A Horse

In general, the taller the horse, the more it will weigh. The horse’s mass will also influence the weight.

Adult Horse Weight

On average, a light breed of horse, such as the Thoroughbred, Arabian, Warmblood, and Quarter Horse, will fall into the 900 to 1,500-pound weight range.

How Much Does A Male Horse Weigh

Male horses do not necessarily always weigh more than females. 

How Much Does A Foal Weigh

In the first year of life, foals do a lot of growing. The birth weight of a foal will depend on how much its mother weighs. A newborn horse will weigh 10 percent of its mother’s weight. 

Why You Need To Know An Accurate Weight

It is necessary to know the weight of your horse as accurately as possible. 

How Do You Weigh A Horse

It is not an easy task to weigh a horse. Many veterinary clinics will have scales made specifically for weighing a horse.

Weight Tape

One item many people use is weight tape. These are easy to use and find. However, they are notoriously inaccurate. They will provide a rough estimate for an average horse ...

The answer to the question of how much does a male horse weigh is not really possible directly. There are no specific facts that say male horses weigh more. What you really need to take a look at is the breed, height, and body mass.


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