How Much Does a Miniature Horse Cost? Average Monthly Cost of Owning One

Have you ever wanted to own a horse, and the cost has scared you off? Or you completely lack the space to keep one? Good news! No, no, BEST news! Miniature horses are for you!


How much does a miniature horse cost?

As with any breed of horse, their purchase price varies… a lot. A high-end show mini can sell anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000+. If you’re looking at purchasing ...

Horse Feeds and Supplements

The good news, they actually do eat way less than a regular-sized horse. You should budget for your mini to eat 1.5% of their body weight every day in hay. Hay can cost ...

Waste Management

Boarding Your Mini Horse

Now that we’ve fed them, what oh what, do we do with all that poo? You have a couple of options here. You could board your mini and never think about poo again. Umm yea right… 

Waste Management Company

Your other option is to have it carted away. There are waste management options for this, dumps will take them, and deliver you a new bin each week to fill, which they will ...

Miniature Horse Health

Once a year you’ll need to schedule a health workup on your mini. Mini’s require dental work annually, as well as their vaccinations.

With the appropriate care and budgeting system, mini’s are an excellent and economical option for horse ownership. Plus, there is nothing cuter than a miniature horse.


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