How To Break A Pony To Ride

Have you ever wondered how to break a pony to ride? Many of us learn to ride on horses that have already been trained, and we never get to experience this interesting process.


Breaking a horse to ride is not easy to do. Horses are prey animals and are not naturally comfortable with anything on their backs. Their instincts will tell ...

Can Anyone Learn How To Break A Horse To Ride?

Any competent rider can learn how to break a pony to ride. If you have mastered the basics of riding and have a good understanding of how to train a ...

How Long Does Breaking A Horse To Ride Take?

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks to break a horse to ride. This will vary widely though, as each horse is very different with a unique personality.

The Steps To Breaking A Horse To Ride

It is important to work through these steps to breaking a horse slowly, and only move on when the horse feels relaxed and comfortable.

Gain Your Horse’s Trust

From the very start, the horse should feel relaxed and comfortable with what is happening around him. Work with him on the ...

So, do you think you have got what it takes to learn how to break a pony to ride? The key to success is to take it slowly and make sure that the horse is comfortable before moving onto the next stage.


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