How To Dress For A Rodeo

“This isn’t my first rodeo,” or at least you won’t look like it is! We know rodeo participants are dressed functionally for competition, but spectators are often wondering how to dress for a rodeo.



Not only does venue matter, but some rodeos are held indoors! Just like any other spectator sport or entertainment, it’s important to dress weather (or indoor) appropriately. Some rodeos are ...

Rodeo Size

Smaller rodeos typically draw smaller crowds, naturally. However, the larger and more “famous” the rodeo, the more western flair you will see in spectators. This is typical because these ...

Comfort is a key factor when dressing for a rodeo. Whether you’re outdoors and having to walk great ...

Comfort In Rodeo Wear 

Rodeo Basics

Many people love rodeos because they get to wear western wear. We recommend checking out your local hat shop or perusing economical cowboy hats rather than grabbing a cowboy-knockoff ...


* Denim * Cowboy boots * Western collared shirt for men, such as a pearl snap * Jacket or sweater * Leather belt * Statement jewelry for women * ...


* Heels * Short skirts or dresses that may be difficult to move in * Chaps or other contestant-specific gear * Bulky bags or ...

 If you’re unsure about the size of the event, you can utilize social media to see what prior years’ guests wore. In fact, “NFRFASHION” is one of the highest searched hashtags on Instagram!


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