How To Tell What Color Your Foal Will Be?

If you are breeding a foal, it is likely that you carefully chose the parents to pass on certain desirable traits to your new equine. But what if you want a certain coat color


What Determines The Coat Color Of A Foal?

The color of a foal’s coat is part of its genetic makeup, passed on from its parents. The sire will pass on his coat color genes, and the dam will do the same.

What Are The Different Horse Coat Colors?

If you walk into any horse barn you will see a huge range of different coat colors and markings! Around sixty horse coat colors have been identified, as ...

What Is A Horse Color Cross Chart?

A simple way to figure out the possible coat colors of your foal is to use a horse color cross chart. This method takes the color of the sire and the dam and ...

How To Use A Color Cross Chart For Horses?

To use a color cross chart to predict the color of your foal, you firstly need to know the color of the parents. The color cross chart only allows for a ...

A more advanced way to predict what color your foal will be is to use a horse color calculator. To get the best results ...

Can You Use A Horse Color Calculator To Tell What Color Your Foal Will Be?

So, as we have learned, it is possible to work out the probability of your foal turning out a certain color! However, unless you are 100% sure of the genetic makeup of the parents, it is unlikely that you will be able to be sure of the color until the foal is born.


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