Most Expensive Horse Barns In The World

Most people have nice and perfectly adequate stables for their horses, but some take things to a whole new level; the most expensive horse barns in the world. These barns have the wow factor times ten! Some are so nice you will want to move in yourself.


Rallywood Farm

Nestled in the heart of Virginia horse country is the beautiful Rallywood Farm. Set amongst 115 acres of Plains countryside, this equestrian facility has it all with a barn of a manageable size. 

The Heilan Horse Culture Museum

The Heilan Horse Culture Museum looks more like a luxury hotel than a barn. The barn is in China, though it is often mistaken for a location in Dubai. It is actually a museum that houses 43 different horse breeds from around the world.

Ribbonwood Stables

In Texas, it is a design created by Clayton Boyd, a firm that specialized in building luxury barns. The horse stables are huge and airy, with an appealing antique look. The barn aisles are lit with crystal chandeliers.

Claiborne Farm

Claiborne Farm sits not far from Lexington, in the heart of America’s Thoroughbred breeding industry. It is one of the most famous horse farms in the world and has been the home of some of the most expensive and well-known horses ever.

Sweetgrass Equestrian

Sweetgrass Equestrian in Milton, Canada, is one place you can move into without forking out millions. This barn offers full boarding for your horse, but the top-class facilities mean it isn’t cheap. Every detail for the horse’s health is part of this barn.

Here you’ve seen just a taste of some of the most expensive and fancy horse barns in the world. They are by no means the only ones. Luckily, some barn owners are happy to share their enviable properties.


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