Most Expensive Horse Barns In The World

Most people have nice and perfectly adequate stables for their horses, but some take things to a whole new level; the most expensive horse barns in the world. These barns have the wow factor times ten! Some are so nice you will want to move in yourself.

The lucky horses that reside in these barns live a life of luxury. They have every need and detail of their care monitored, with nothing left to worry about. These horses, in most cases, are worth jaw-dropping sums of money.

While we aren’t lucky enough to see inside some of these barns as the wealthy owners like to protect their privacy, some have generously shared the life their horses live. Here we will introduce you to some of the most expensive and beautiful horse barns in the world. You will probably want to pack your bags as soon as you’re done!

Rallywood Farm

Nestled in the heart of Virginia horse country is the beautiful Rallywood Farm. Set amongst 115 acres of Plains countryside, this equestrian facility has it all with a barn of a manageable size. 

The barn contains 12 stables with warm accents of polished wood. It has a large indoor arena and a residence for the owners on site. Within that barn, you will find nooks for people with comfortable chairs and even paintings that look like the library of an old manor house.

Rallywood Farm

Compared to some barns, Rallywood comes cheap for everything it includes. However, you will still need very deep pockets to buy a place like this.

The Heilan Horse Culture Museum

The Heilan Horse Culture Museum looks more like a luxury hotel than a barn. The barn is in China, though it is often mistaken for a location in Dubai. It is actually a museum that houses 43 different horse breeds from around the world.

300 horses and even a few zebras live here, where people can visit and learn around the breeds, some rare. When horses are on duty, they stay in marble stables, that don’t show a single spot of dirt. They look out onto the visiting area, also finished with marble, beautiful arches, gold ceilings, and chandeliers.

In addition to the horse meet and greet area, Heilan has a spectacular indoor arena where visitors can enjoy dressage performances. Built in 2009, Heilan opened in 2016 for the public, making it the first extensive equestrian facility in China. The museum employs a host of horse trainers and even has its own vets working on site.

Ribbonwood Stables

Ribbonwood Stables, in Texas, is a design created by Clayton Boyd, a firm that specialized in building luxury barns. The horse stables are huge and airy, with an appealing antique look. The barn aisles are lit with crystal chandeliers.

The barn oozes reminders of old European royalty. The property sits on 85 acres and includes the main house of equal luxury. With the overall design of the property following a similar style theme.

Claiborne Farm

Claiborne Farm sits not far from Lexington, in the heart of America’s Thoroughbred breeding industry. It is one of the most famous horse farms in the world and has been the home of some of the most expensive and well-known horses ever. The value of the residents means security is tight with 24-hour teams patrolling the property.

Claiborne is over 100 years old and is still in the control of its founding family, the Hancocks. It sits on a cool 3,000 areas sectioned into different areas for mares, foals, yearlings, and stallions. Dotted over the property, you will see 50 separate barns and miles of paddock fencing.

Baygard Electric Fence Yellow/Black Wire

Horse care and safety are the highest priority. Rubber bricks line the walkway between the stallion barn, and breeding shed, while the shed itself has special flooring, to prevent slipping. The stallions and mares breeding here are worth millions.

Buried in the farm’s cemetery is one of the most famous former residents, the legendary Secretariat. Another legend in racing history, Seabiscuit spent his early days living at Claiborne. The current resident legend is War Front, with a stud fee of $250,000.

Sweetgrass Equestrian

Sweetgrass Equestrian in Milton, Canada, is one place you can move into without forking out millions. This barn offers full boarding for your horse, but the top-class facilities mean it isn’t cheap. Every detail for the horse’s health is part of this barn.

The barn has ceiling fans and ventilation systems that Sweetgrass guarantee is mold-free. Facilities include an Olympic size indoor ring with dust-free footing, non-slip, comfort stall matting, and several outdoor riding spaces.

The brick paving floor provides heating, and the modern wash stalls offer hot water. Owners can check on their horses anytime using the cameras installed in the barn and paddocks.

Sweetgrass Equestrian

Luxury Horse Barns Conclusion

Here you’ve seen just a taste of some of the most expensive and fancy horse barns in the world. They are by no means the only ones. Luckily, some barn owners are happy to share their enviable properties.

Do you have a favorite luxury barn? If so, we’d love to know which ones!

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