Is A Stallion A Male Or Female – It’s Simple!

Horses go by several different generic names, filly, colt, mare, and yearling, all depending on their age and gender, but is a stallion a male or female? 


Is A Stallion A Male Or Female

A stallion horse is a male horse, but it is not the only type of male horse.

Stallion Horse Characteristics

Stallions possess certain characteristics that female horses (mares) and geldings do not have.

Wild Stallion Behavior

In the wild, a stallion takes control of a group of mares. He will fight another stallion to keep control of his family. 

Keeping A Stallion

The traditional way of keeping a stallion is a life of isolation. This thinking is starting to change.

Gelding Characteristics

Geldings are no longer under the influence of the hormones that create stallion behavior.

Interesting Facts About Stallions

*The Thoroughbred stallion, Tapit, currently commands the highest stud fee in the industry, of $300,000. *The Spanish Riding School, located in Austria, trains some of the worlds most beautiful and famous stallions, the Lipizzaner *The legendary racing stallion, Galileo, has a stud fee of ‘private’. Rumor has it that his fee is over half a million ...

As you can see, the answer to is a stallion a male or female is straightforward. A stallion is always and only a male horse. A female horse is a mare, or if she is younger than age 3, she is a filly. All horses younger than age 1 are foals. When all horses turn 1, they are yearlings.


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