Lariat Rope Types- What Kind Of Rope Is Used For A Lasso?

If you’ve ever watched a rodeo or visited a working dude ranch, you may have wondered: what kind of rope is used for a lasso or lariat rope? 


The word lasso comes from the Spanish word “Lazo” which means tie. Deceptions of lassos were first seen in hieroglyphics of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.

Nylon Lariat

For modern-day lassos, nylon is a popular material that many people prefer to use. Nylon is sturdy and sustainable, making it a favorite among many ropers.

Another popular material used for lassos is polyester. Polyester is durable yet flexible, making it supple to use.

Polyester Lariat Rope

Hemp Lariat Rope

Though not as common as nylon or polyester, hemp is another material that people use to make lassos. They are a wonderful alternative to traditional horsehair and cowhide.

Maguey Lariat Rope

Maguey, which is agave, is a popular material people use to make lassos in Mexico. Many people prefer to use it for its hard, yet smooth finish.

There are several different types of lassos ropers use, each with its own advantages. Every roper will have their favorite rope that uses for lassoing.


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