Rabies Vaccine For Horses – Does Your Horse Need It?

Before you know it, it will be time for your horse’s spring vaccinations! But when it comes to booking in your veterinarian, how do you know which vaccines your horse needs?


What Is A Vaccination?

Vaccinations are given to horses to provide immunity against certain diseases. Normally given as an injection by a veterinarian, vaccinations are sometimes also referred to ...

Why Should Horses Be Vaccinated?

Vaccinations are essential to protect your horse against some very dangerous and often fatal diseases.

When Is The Best Time To Vaccinate A Horse?

It can be so complicated trying to figure out when your horse needs his vaccinations! Some shots need to be administered at specific times of the year.

Is A Rabies Vaccine For Horses Necessary?

The range of diseases that horses can be vaccinated against is huge! If you wanted you could have your horse immunized against all the following diseases:

Although the rabies shot for horses can be given at any time of year, it is commonly administered in the spring.

When Is The Best Time To Give A Horse Its Rabies Vaccine?

So, as we have learned, rabies is endemic in the U.S, and horses in all states should be vaccinated against this disease. The rabies vaccine for horses is often combined to be given at the same time as your horse’s spring shots.


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