Signs A Horse Might Be Pregnant

Who doesn’t love foals? As cute as they are, bringing them into this world and dealing with pregnant mares can be a hassle.  But, how to tell if a horse is pregnant?


When Do Horses Breed?

Like many other types of animals, horses tend to breed at certain times of the year.  A mare’s gestation period can be anywhere from 11-12 months- Mares carry their ...

How Long Is A Horse Pregnant?

That’s 2-3 months longer than a human’s gestation period, so almost another trimester! Mares that have foaled before will sometimes carry for a shorter time period ...

As with people and other animals, sometimes you don’t know if your mare is pregnant or not for some ...

When Can You Tell if a Horse is Pregnant?

Transrectal Ultrasonography

There are many ways you can tell if your mare is pregnant.  Some are old wives’ tales, and some have a scientific value. One of the most reliable scientific methods of ...

Blood Tests

Similar to humans, you can also tell if your mare is pregnant by blood tests. If your mare is pregnant, she will show elevated levels of progesterone in her blood.  However, this test ...

What Should You Do if a Mare is Pregnant?

The most important thing to do while your mare is pregnant is to have regular checkups for both her and her foal and to follow ...

There are both scientific ways and natural ways to know if your mare is pregnant- whichever you decide to follow, make sure you are careful and keep your horse’s best interests in mind.


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