SoloShot Vs. Swivl Review

Ever want to video your ride and find yourself missing a cameraman? Look no further, as tracking cameras are taking over the video camera market!  This is about soloshot vs swivl comparison.


Soloshot vs Swivl: Tracking Cameras and Riding

Tracking cameras have been used by athletes in all realms of sports for decades. They allow us to analyze and share our rides, even when we are riding on our own, or do not have someone who is able to "video our course".

Soloshot vs Swivl: SoloShot

SoloShot is the tracking camera most commonly used by equestrians.  PROS: The range of the Optic65 is sufficient enough for all large arenas. CONS: Its pricey and its outdoor limitations.


to capture a moving target without the use of a live cameraman. PROS : 32 ft is enough to capture a large circle. CONS : not be able to capture a full course, which, for me, would take it out of my consideration set.  

Tracking cameras are changing the name of the game for videography in the equestrian world! Both SoloShot and Swivl have systems that can create footage for riders without the use of a cameraman. 


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