Spurs Horse Riding – What Are They And How Are They Used?

You might see top-level riders that use spurs horse riding, but have you ever wondered why they use spurs? Let’s find out everything we need to know about spurs for horse riding!


Spurs Horse Riding – What Are Spurs Used For In Horse Riding?

Spurs are used in horse riding as an extension to the leg aids. They are classified as artificial aid, along with whips, martingales, ...

When Are Spurs Used In Horse Riding?

Spurs should never be used on a young or novice horse, and are no substitution for basic training and schooling of the horse. A horse will not understand ...

How Are Spurs Horse Riding Used?

The aim of spurs is not to hurt the horse or cause injury. They should be used to give a subtle and clear aid to the horse, not to cause pain. Spurs may look cruel, ...

So, as we have learned, spurs are used to give subtle and clear leg aids to the horse, allowing the rider to fine-tune the movements of the horse. They should only be used by experienced riders, as if used incorrectly they can cause pain to the horse.


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