Tennessee Walking Horse Breed

Ever wonder what the smoothest type of horse is? Look no further than the Tennessee Walking Horse! This gaited breed of horse is known for many things, being extremely smooth included!


Breed History: Tennessee Walking Horse

Characteristic of many things originating in the United States, the Tennessee Walking Horse came out of a melting pot of horse breeds...

Tennessee Walking Horse Characteristics

So, what makes the Tennessee Walker so special? First off, their smooth gaits make them an ideal companion for riders...

Now that we know what Tennessee walkers look like, what do people do with Tennessee Walkers? 

Breed Disciplines

Trail and Ranch Horses

Today, Tennessee Walking Horses are a popular mount for trail riders, especially those who are trying to ride long distances.  Their smooth gaits keep their riders comfortable in the saddle for hours on end.

Dressage and Eventing

Depending on your horse’s individual needs, you may or may not make the choice to feed grains. You will also find that many owners make seasonal graining choices.

Family Horses

It is very common to see Tennessee Walkers used as family horses and kids’ horses.  They are very gentle and easy-going.

There is so much to know about the Tennessee Walking Horse! It is an incredible and unique breed of horses.  They are very loved by many American equine enthusiasts today, and they have played a large role in our country’s heritage.


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