What Does It Mean When A Horse Is Gaited

All horses move in four different gaits, but some have a distinctive movement that is different from the rest, so what does it mean when a horse is gaited?


How Most Horses Move

When comparing a horse that gaits to a horse that moves like most, it is easiest to look at the trot. In a horse that does not gait the trot is two beats.

What Does A Gaited Horse Mean

The gaited horse does not move in the same way as other horses. It does not trot with diagonal pairs, thus there is no bounce in the movement.

What Is A Gaited Horse Breed

Several horse breeds are naturally gaited. Arguably the most familiar of these breeds is the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Benefits Of Riding A Gaited Horse

Due to the way they move, gaited horses can conserve energy. This means they are excellent mounts for long-distance rides. 


The gaited horse tends to have a kind, calm temperament.

The gaited horse has a long history. The Icelandic Horse originates with the Viking settlement of Iceland and remains one of the purest horse breeds in the world. American gaited horses originate in the 1600s.


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