The Difference Between Pony And Mini Horse

Horses come in all shapes and sizes, each with distinct characteristics, so let’s take a look at the difference between a pony and a mini horse. 


What Is A Pony

The distinction between a pony and a horse is the size. All ponies stand no taller than 14.2 hands. Generally, all equines over 14.2 hands tall are horses. 

Pony Characteristics

Ponies differ from horses in several ways other than their specific breed. A pony has a different body shape to horses and mini horses. 

Pony Breeds

The following are breeds of ponies. Connemara Pony Dales Pony Fell Pony Welsh Pony Exmoor Pony Highland Pony Shetland Pony

Mini Horses

So what is the difference between a pony and a mini horse? First, let’s understand what a mini horse is. 

Difference Between Miniature Horse And Pony

In addition to the difference we’ve already covered, weight is another major distinction between a mini horse and a pony. 

Miniature Horse Health Issues

A mini horse is more prone to health issues than a pony.

To an inexperienced eye, the difference between a pony and a mini horse is sometimes hard to spot. But once you have an understanding of each type of equine, you will soon spot this difference straight away.


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