UlcerGard Vs. GastroGard

UlcerGard vs. GastroGard – Studies show that 60-90% of horses will suffer from gastric ulcers at some point in their lives.  Horses can develop ulcers in the same way that humans can; from increased stress, change, and overall uneasiness. 



GastroGard and UlcerGard both contain the same primary ingredient: omeprazole.  They are both manufactured by Merial Ltd. Both are FDA approved omeprazole pastes for horses.


GastroGard and UlcerGard differ in two primary ways; their purpose and their availability.  GastroGard is a medication that must be prescribed to you by your vet. 


UlcerGard is a bit easier for you to get your hands on.  UlcerGard can be purchased from your local Tractor Supply or Farm and Family...

Ulcers In Horses

Some common situations that cause ulcers in horses are travel and competition, lack of turnout, change of living space, and intense training...


So, to recap, UlcerGard and GastroGard serve different purposes.  GastroGard heals pre-existent ulcers, and UlcerGard calms the stomach to prevent the formation of ulcers during stressful situations...

Over half of all horses will experience ulcers at some time in their lives.  Knowing when and how to treat these ulcers is the best way to ensure that your horse will stay happy and healthy in the long run.  I hope this article helped you understand the similarities and differences between GastroGard and UlcerGard. 


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