What Happens When A Horse Gets Too Cold?

It is vital that a horse is able to maintain the correct body temperature in order to stay healthy. This means that we need to make sure that they do not get too hot or too cold.


What Happens When A Horse Gets Too Cold?

Horses are amazingly adaptable, and most horses can cope well with temperatures that are warmer or colder than normal. As the temperature ...

How To Tell When A Horse Is Cold?

In colder weather, it is important to ensure that your horse is warm enough. Firstly, have a look at how he is standing – is he hunched up with his tail tucked in ...

Can Horses Get Colds?

Horses are susceptible to many diseases that are similar to the human cold. These are all infectious respiratory disorders and are normally transmitted from horse to horse.

Horse cold symptoms

The different infectious upper respiratory tract disorders of horses all have similar symptoms. You may notice that your horse has a cough, or see discharge from the nostrils.

It can be a fine balance trying to keep our horses at just the right temperature! This can be especially difficult if the weather conditions are changeable. Many horse ...

How To Keep A Horse Warm?

So, as we have learned, when a horse gets too cold it will start to shiver and will use large amounts of energy to keep warm. If the horse is cold for long periods, it will become debilitated and more susceptible to diseases.


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