What Is A Gaited Horse?

In recent years, gaited horses have grown in popularity, with many people choosing to learn to ride these unusual horses. But what is a gaited horse and are they the right horse for you?


What Is A Gaited Horse?

The horse industry has a lot of strange terminologies, and we need to explain some of this to describe what a gaited horse is.  

Why Are Some Breeds Naturally Gaited?

The ability to naturally perform different gaits is passed down through the bloodlines. 

How Are Gaited Breeds Trained?

If a horse is born with a natural gaited ability, then it can be very easy to train them. 

Top 5 Gaited Horse Breeds

There are approximately 30 breeds of horses which are considered to be gaited. In some breeds, such as the Morgan horse, only certain bloodlines are gaited. 

Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic Horse (which is actually a pony!) has an unusual gait called the tolt.

Paso Fino

The Paso Fino is a beautiful breed of horse that is naturally gaited. 

Tennessee Walking Horse

This spectacular breed of horse is famous for its incredible ‘running walk’.


Not all Appaloosa horses are gaited, but some bloodlines can perform a lateral gaited movement. 

American Standardbred

Anyone who has watched harness racing will be familiar with the incredible paces of the American Standardbred. This breed can carry out two different gaits – pacing and trotting.

So, as we have learned, a gaited horse is one which has an additional or alternative gait. This gait is normally very comfortable and enables the horse to cover large areas of ground with minimal effort. 


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