What Is A Haflinger Horse? All You Need to Know!

What is a Haflinger horse, well it is one of an estimated 350 horse breeds in the world and one of the most special, rare equines you will come across? 


Haflinger Horses History

The Haflinger originates in the Austrian mountains, in the Tyrol region. Like many horse breeds, the name comes from the village where the horse developed. 

Haflinger Horse Size

The Haflinger is a small, sturdy horse. The region where the breed developed consisted of small farms set amongst steep hillsides. 

Use Of The Haflinger

The first Haflingers worked on farms. Not doing heavy work but as a carrier of supplies between farms and bringing harvests from the steeply set fields.

Haflinger Characteristics

One of the most unique characteristics of the Haflinger is its color. All Haflingers are chestnuts. 

Interesting Haflinger Facts

The Haflinger is an intelligent breed that enjoys doing work ...

The Haflinger is a small warmblood horse with athletic ability and a fantastic temperament. It needs good training and plenty of exercises. When these basic needs are met, the Haflinger is the perfect family horse.


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