Haflinger Horse Temperament – A Wonderful Breed

The Haflinger is not only beautiful with its golden coat, the Haflinger horse temperament is one of the nicest of all breeds. The breed is suitable for equestrians of all levels.


What Is A Haflinger Horse? History Of The Haflinger

The Haflinger comes from the mountainous region of Tyrol, an area that covers parts of Austria and Northern Italy. The history of the breed ...

Haflinger Temperament

The Haflinger has a reputation for a wonderful temperament. The breed has an extremely kind and gentle nature. It is also calm, which means it does not get over-excited, or ...

Even though the Haflinger is one of the most gentle breeds, it is important to remember that it is still a horse.

Haflinger Gentleness

The Friendly Haflinger

The Haflinger is a very friendly horse. We must not allow this to get out of hand. The want, the breed has to spend time in your space can lead to pushiness. Too many treats, ...

Haflinger Characteristics

All Haflinger horses are chestnut, ranging from a light golden color to a dark chocolate tone. They have beautiful flaxen-colored manes. Even though the breed is a draft ...

Haflinger Uses

The Haflinger suits a variety of equestrian uses. Early in its development, the Haflinger worked on the steep mountain farms of the Tyrol.

The Haflinger horse temperament is one of the best amongst all horse breeds. It is a sturdy, good-looking horse that has reached all corners of the globe. They take part in trekking, jumping, dressage, combined driving, and therapeutic programs.


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