Haflinger Horse Temperament – A Wonderful Breed

The Haflinger is not only beautiful with its golden coat, the Haflinger horse temperament is one of the nicest of all breeds. The breed is suitable for equestrians of all levels. Let’s get to know this wonderful horse breed.

What Is A Haflinger Horse? History Of The Haflinger

The Haflinger comes from the mountainous region of Tyrol, an area that covers parts of Austria and Northern Italy. The history of the breed traces back to the middle ages with uncertain origins. One theory is that the Haflinger has some Arabian influence due to the fine features of the breed. 

The Haflinger became an official breed in 1874 when the foundation stallion, 249 Folie, was born. 249 Folie was the son of a native Tyrol mare and the half Arabian stallion, 133 El’ Bedavi XXII. From 249 Folie, seven different Haflinger stallion lines developed, from which every Halinger in history descends.

During World War II, surefooted, agile pack horses were in demand, which altered the breeding of the Haflinger. In the World War II years, the Haflinger was stockier, and more like a small draft horse. However, the Haflinger is a warmblood horse with no cold blood horses, such as the draft in its genetic history.

After the war, the breeding of the Haflinger shifted again, back to focusing on height, refinement, versatility, and temperament. 

Haflinger Temperament

The Haflinger has a reputation for a wonderful temperament. The breed has an extremely kind and gentle nature. It is also calm, which means it does not get over-excited, or spook easily. This kind nature and calmness also make the Haflinger a suit horse for equestrians of all ages and levels.

While the Halflinger is a calm breed, it is not a dull horse. These horses are curious, friendly, and ready to take part in a variety of activities. It is also a highly intelligent breed, which has its benefits and cons. The Haflinger’s intelligence means that it learns new skills quickly, even skills you may not want it to learn, such as opening a gate!

Because of this intelligence, novice Haflinger owners do need to take precautions. The breed will quickly learn how to get away with unacceptable behavior. So if you do decide to buy a Haflinger as a novice horse owner, always enlist the help of a professional to keep your horse from developing problems.

Haflinger Temperament

Haflinger Gentleness

Even though the Haflinger is one of the most gentle breeds, it is important to remember that it is still a horse. Do not take this for granted and forget that every horse has the potential to kick, buck, bite, or bolt. These horses still need correct training with respect, even if they appear more tolerant of mistakes.

You still must build trust with your relationship and allow the horse to grow in confidence. The Haflinger’s tolerance also means that owners need extra vigilance when looking for signs of pain. The breed is stoic and less likely to express it is in pain than some other breeds.

The Friendly Haflinger

The Haflinger is a very friendly horse. We must not allow this to get out of hand. The want, the breed has to spend time in your space can lead to pushiness. Too many treats, especially, can encourage a Haflinger to invade your space to the point where it becomes dangerous.

Always teach your Haflinger good ground manners. If you have mutual respect for each other’s space, you will enjoy a wonderful bond.

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Haflinger Characteristics

All Haflinger horses are chestnut, ranging from a light golden color to a dark chocolate tone. They have beautiful flaxen-colored manes. Even though the breed is a draft horse, it is small, falling within the height range of a pony.

Most Haflingers stand between 13.2 and 14.3 hands tall. The breed is well-muscled, with a pretty head and large, expressive eyes. The gaits of the Haflinger are active, smooth, and show athleticism. The ideal Haflinger has some, but not a lot of knee action.

Great video about the Haflinger breed characteristics.

Haflinger Uses

The Haflinger suits a variety of equestrian uses. Early in its development, the Haflinger worked on the steep mountain farms of the Tyrol. It was able to navigate narrow paths safely to carry food from the farms to distant villages.

Today, this farm work is for the breed is in little demand. As a result, the Haflinger was refined as a riding and driving horse. The temperament of the breed made this adjustment easy for the Haflinger. 

Haflinger Uses


The Haflinger horse temperament is one of the best amongst all horse breeds. It is a sturdy, good-looking horse that has reached all corners of the globe. They take part in trekking, jumping, dressage, combined driving, and therapeutic programs.

If you have any questions about the Haflinger let us know in the comments below.

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