What Is A Horse Skull X Ray? Equine Head Radiography Explained!

If your horse has a medical problem with his head, your veterinarian may advise that you get a horse skull x ray. If you’ve never seen this process before it can be hard to know what to expect, and you might also be worried that this procedure is painful and unnecessary.


Why Would Your Veterinarian Advice A Horse Skull X Ray?

An X-ray, or radiograph, is a diagnostic imaging test used to visualize the inner structures of the horse’s body. 

How Are Horse Skull Radiographs Taken?

A horse skull radiograph is a non-invasive procedure that will not harm your horse. 

What Does Equine Skull Radiography Show?

If you have ever seen a radiograph of a horse’s head, you will think that it looks very confusing! It can be difficult to figure out what the different structures are ...

Is An Equine Head X Ray Dangerous?

If you have ever been present when a radiograph was taken, you will see that the medical team take a lot of safety precautions. 

So, as we have learned, a horse skull X ray is a diagnostic imaging test carried out by qualified veterinary personnel. This test will give an image of the bones and inner structures of the horse’s head.


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