What is Proud Flesh in Horses and How to Prevent It?

All horse-owners know that horses are all too injury prone.  We wish we could wrap them up in bubble wrap every time they go outside or step foot in a trailer.  But, regardless of the many precautions we take, horses will always wind up hurting themselves.


Proud Flesh Definition 

Proud flesh is the overgrowth of granulation tissue on a wound.  It occurs after a horse sustains a soft-tissue injury. In horses, these are most commonly a cut, rub, bite, or kick, but are ...

Proud Flesh Causes

Often, when you have a cut, you put some kind of a bandage over it in order to protect it from the everyday wear-and-tear of life.  With horses, this isn’t as easy because horses move ...

Proud Flesh Triggers

Movement may be the most common, but there are other reasons a horse’s wound may contract proud flesh.  One of these is an unclean wound. If a horse has any kind of hay, straw, bedding, dirt, dust, etc. ...


The best way to prevent proud flesh is to do your best to reduce the likelihood of it occurring.  This means that you should take proper care of your horse’s wound from the day it starts until the day the wound is closed and healed.

Unfortunately, if your horse does have a large amount of infected proud flesh, there is a high likelihood that it will need to be surgically removed.  But, fortunately, this procedure is mostly painless for your horse, because there are no nerves in the excess granulation tissue. 


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