What Is The Difference Between A Colt And A Foal?

The world of horse terminology can get very confusing, especially when it comes to the names used to describe horses of different ages! Many people think a colt and a foal are the same things, but what is the difference between a colt and a foal?


What Is A Colt Horse?

Many different names are used to describe horses according to their gender and age. This is particularly complicated when it comes to younger horses.

Are Colts And Foals The Same?

All young horses are called foals during the first year of life. This name is used from the moment they are born until their first birthday. 

Colt Vs Foal Comparison

Does this mean that a colt is always a foal and vice versa? No, it doesn’t! If a colt is over one year old, he is no longer referred to as a foal.

Is A Yearling The Same As A Colt?

When a horse reaches its first birthday, it is then called a yearling. This name is used until the horse is two years old. 

What Is A Filly Horse?

The filly is the name given to a young female horse, up to the age of four years old. 

What Is A Weanling?

The term weanling is used to describe a foal that is no longer dependent on the milk from its dam.

What Is The Difference Between A Gelding And A Stallion?

It is very common for male horses to be neutered.

So, as we have learned, the word colt is used to describe a young male horse, up to his fourth birthday. A foal is a male or female horse that is less than one year old. A male horse is called a colt foal until his first birthday.


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