What Size English Saddle Do I Need?

A saddle must not only be a comfortable fit for the rider but must be sized appropriately for the horse. Improperly fitted tack may result in pain, muscle atrophy, and possible behavioral issues.


Determining Saddle Style

English is a broad term- this covers saddles made specifically for jumping, dressage, saddleseat, and even the standard AP (all-purpose) saddle. Most competitors will have ...

Saddle Size Chart

The standard way of saddle measurements, although helpful, does not take body types into consideration. Traditionally, a person will sit in a chair at a 45-degree angle with flat feet.

English saddles, excluding cutback styles, typically measure 2 inches more than a western saddle. This means if you ride in a 15” western saddle, you are ...

Western Comparison

Fitting Your Horse

Once a rider has determined the saddle style and seat size, it is time for the most important step: fitting the horse. Be sure to check with your local saddle shop to see if they ...


Saddle fitting should be performed without a pad, standing square on a flat surface. You will first properly place the saddle on your horse to look at overall balance and if there is any ...

Wither Clearance

You will then check for adequate clearance between the saddle’s pommel and your horse’s wither. 

Measuring for an English saddle is a two-part process, important to both horse and rider. For more information or a saddle fitter near you or contact your local tack shop.


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