What To Wear To A Horse Race Track

Mint juleps, extravagant hats, pocket squares, and beautiful sundresses! Unlike other spectator sports, attending a horse race is a wide-encompassing experience.


Type of Race

There are many types of horse racing and tracks. Typically, most people are referring to the traditional Thoroughbred oval tracks that fall under the Jockey Club. 

Not all race tracks carry the same prestige and excitement as some major tracks. However, most flat races are still a socialite-type event where women are ...

Male dress codes can seem stricter in some regards. For example, the men have more ...

What to Wear to Horse Races for Men

Horse Race Basics

The best way to gain insight into the formality of a specific race is to visit the consumer/spectator website. You can also use social media hashtags and location finders to see ...


* Conservative length dresses or skirts for women * Collared shirts for men * Pastels and fun colors * Statement hats for big races * Jacket or sweater * Statement accessories for women * ...


* Sneakers or sandals * Provocative clothing or “club” attire * Formal gowns * Bulky bags or backpacks * Baseball caps * Sporty attire * ...

Dressing up should be enjoyable and exciting. Part of the full race-day experience is the overall attire which contributes to the environment.


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