What To Wear To A Horse Race When It’s Cold?

For many, dressing up is the largest portion of the race experience. However, horse racing season can mean chilly at the beginning and tail-end of the season.


Track Style

Despite the inconvenience of weather, hot or cold, race track style does not change. Again, the guest dress code is a major factor in the overall experience and environment. Unless at a ...

Dress Codes

Most track attire resembles “Sunday best” or “smart dress”. However, some tracks will have a mandatory dress code year-round and there will be no admittance for failure to comply. For ...

Men and women will have different dress requirements at the track. 

Differences in Attire


Men fall under the “smart dress” guidelines for most rack tracks. This is much easier to work with during cold weather, as a smart dress typically includes a suit. A full suit means a blazer, ...

Women have a harder time adhering to the traditional track dress code during cold weather. In fact, skirts and dresses are still preferred dress codes for women.

Incorporating warm jackets and accessories can be a fun way to dress up your current ensemble and make an even bigger statement if you are creative.


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