When To Blanket A Horse?

Horse blanketing is a personal topic for many riders. When to blanket a horse, if you’re blanketing at all, depends a great deal on your personal horse and its needs. 


When to Blanket A Horse: Proper Blanketing Tips

If your horse is shivering, this is a clear indication that their core body temperature is dropping and they need immediate assistance to stay warm etc.

When to Blanket A Horse: Factors That Can Lower Your Horse’s Internal Temperature

- Weather Changes - Horses Coat - Aging Horse/Illness

Horse Blanketing Guide: remember the other factors which may affect your horse’s normal temperature and watch them carefully to see if an increase or decrease in blanket weight is needed. 

Blanket A Horse: Different Types of Horse Blankets

Turn Out Blankets For Horses: a filling in different weights                                      Stable Blankets: Stable blankets 

Blanket A Horse: Different Types of Horse Blankets

When Should the Blanket Come Off?

As the temperature rises, you can start blanketing your horse with more light-weight blankets and once it is above 50°, you can stop blanketing all together.  

You know your horse best and can see when they are comfortable and happy. As such, keep your horse warm and healthy by following the above blanketing temperature guide and tips, in order to know when or not to blanket your horse. 


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