What Is Another Name For A Donkey?

Last Updated on November 18, 2022

Is there another name for a donkey? Is a donkey the same as an ass? What are wild donkeys called? Let’s find out!

Is There Another Name For A Donkey?

To understand if there is another name for a donkey, first of all, we need to learn exactly what a donkey is!

Donkeys are hoofed mammal that belongs to a species of animal called Equidae. Also within this family are horses and zebras, as well as some hybrids between these three subspecies.

The modern donkey is descended from wild ancestors that lived in Africa, and remains of domesticated donkeys from the fourth millennium BC have been discovered in Egypt. Today, there are still some wild donkey populations, as well as domesticated donkeys all around the world.

In developed western countries, donkeys are most often kept as pets. However, in developing countries, the donkey plays a vital role in the survival of many families. Donkeys are used to haul heavy loads, carry packs across rough terrain, and work in the fields.

As donkeys have been part of human history for so many years, they have been given many different names!

Is There Another Name For A Donkey

Here are some great examples of another name for a donkey:

  • Burros

The word burro means donkey in Spanish and Portuguese, and this term is commonly used to describe donkeys in countries that speak these languages such as Mexico. However, the use of burro is more widespread and is used as another name for a donkey in other countries such as the United States. Here, a burro is used to describe a small donkey, and also the feral donkeys found west of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Asses – Another Name For A Donkey

The word ass is one of the most ancient names used to describe a donkey, but it has fallen out of fashion in most western countries. This may be due to the fact that the word ass is also used to describe a part of human anatomy, and can be considered rude in some situations! The word ass is also commonly used to describe someone who fools about or makes an idiot of themselves.

However, the word ass is still used to describe donkeys in some situations. The Latin name for donkey is “Equus asinus“, and in developing countries, many farmers will refer to their working donkey as an ass.

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What Is The Name Of A Female Donkey?

A female donkey is called a Jenny or Jennet. You may also hear a female donkey referred to as a donkey mare.

What Is The Name Of A Male Donkey?

A male donkey is called a Jack. A castrated male donkey is a gelding, while an entire male is a stallion.

What Do You Call A Baby Donkey?

A baby donkey is called a foal, the same as a baby horse. Between the ages of one and two is called a yearling. Young female donkeys are called fillies, and males are called colts.

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Is A Mule The Same As A Donkey?

Many people get confused about the differences between a donkey vs mule vs jackass, and with good reason! A mule is not the same as a donkey but is bred from a donkey. A mule is actually a hybrid, bred from a male donkey and a female horse.

This hybrid offspring is commonly used as a working animal, as mules are strong and hardworking with incredible levels of stamina. However, because it is a hybrid, it is reproductively sterile and cannot breed any offspring of its own.

A mule can be male or female, and the names used to differentiate between them can be quite confusing. A male mule may be called a horse mule, a jack – the same as a donkey – or a john. A female mule may be called a molly or a mare mule.

So where does a jackass come into it? Well, a jackass is another name for a male donkey, which is normally called a Jack. The name jackass is a combination of ‘jack’ and ‘ass’ – the ancient name for a wild donkey.

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What Is A Hinny?

A hinny is the same as a mule, except with the parents reversed. So a hinny will have a female donkey as the mother, and a male horse as the father. They are less common than mules.

Although mules and hinnies both have one horse and one donkey parent, there are some subtle differences between them. However, it is not always easy to tell the difference, unless you know for certain who the parents were!

The names of male and female hinnies are not always clear. You might hear a female hinny called a molly, the same as a mule, or a mare hinny. A male hinny could be referred to as a jack, john, or horse hinny.

What Is The Best Name For A Donkey?

Some of the best donkey names are those that are found in specific regions. In Wales in the United Kingdom, the name ‘moke’ is used to refer to a donkey. In Italian, a donkey is called an asino, and in Scotland, these beautiful equids are called a cuddy.

In TV and films, there are a lot of fun names used for donkeys. The most famous of all is perhaps the legendary ‘Donkey’ in the Shrek movies, a cartoon donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy. And then there is Winnie-the-Pooh’s donkey friend Eeyore, perhaps the saddest donkey of all!

Summary – Another Name For A Donkey

So, as we have learned, donkeys can be known by many other names, such as an ass, burro, jackass, or jenny. There are also many donkey hybrids that have unusual names such as mule, hinny, zorse, and zeedonk. These names refer to donkeys that have been crossed with another member of the equine family, such as a horse or zebra.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on whether there is another name for a donkey! Are donkeys known by a different name in your country or region? Or perhaps you’ve got some questions about how to breed a mule or hinny? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!