The Best Bran Mash For Horses Recipe Revealed!

Last Updated on October 26, 2022

Bran mash for horses is a delicious and nutritious treat, and by following our bran mash for horses recipe you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to make! There are many different bran mash recipes for horses, and some of them seem far too complicated.

This method does not require any prior experience using bran for horses, so follow our step-by-step guide and your horse will be tucking into this tasty treat in no time at all!

What Is Bran Mash For Horses?

Bran mash is a special feed made for horses using wheat bran. When wheat is milled, the outer kernel is stripped away and we use the inner seed for products such as flour. This outer kernel is wheat bran and it actually has some useful nutritional properties.

This wheat bran is ground into a fine powder which is then used to make feeds such as bran mash for horses. A bran mash is a slurry-like feed often fed to horses while it is still warm. Think of it as the horse’s version of your breakfast porridge!

What Is Bran Mash For Horses

Why Should You Feed Bran Mash To Your Horse?

Bran mash is a very traditional horse feed which is now coming back into fashion. It is normally fed as a weekly treat or after a stressful period such as a long journey. Wheat bran is light and fluffy, and when combined with water it turns into a delicious soft mash.

Wheat bran is high in essential vitamins such as niacin, firemen, and riboflavin. It is not a balanced feed, which is why it is only fed as an occasional treat. However, it does have some great advantages.

Bran mashes are very high in fiber, which can help keep the gastrointestinal system healthy and mobile. This is particularly beneficial during the winter months when the horse tends to drink less water. Traditional horsemen believe that a weekly bran mash would help increase water intake and reduce the risk of colic.

Veterinary nutritionists may dispute whether there are many actual health benefits to bran mashes, but they are certainly not detrimental to your horse. So if you want to give your horse a warm and comforting treat, give our best brand mash for horses recipe a try!

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What Will You Need To Make Bran Mash For Horses

As with any successful recipe, the key to making a good bran mash horse treat is getting all of your ingredients and equipment ready before you start! Here is everything you will need to make a delicious bran mash for horses.


  • 4 cups of wheat bran
  • clean water
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • Optional extras: A handful of flaxseed, chopped carrots, sliced apples, or 1/2 cup of molasses

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Bran Mash For Horses Recipe

Equipment For Bran Mash For Horses Recipe

  • a clean feed bucket
  • measuring cup
  • spoon for stirring the mash
  • measuring jug
  • a method for heating water, such as an electric kettle. If you don’t have access to hot water at your horse’s barn, you can heat the water at home and take it to the yard in a thermos flask.

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Step By Step Guide To Making Bran Mash For Horses

OK, so now you’ve got all your ingredients and equipment ready, it is time to make our foolproof bran mash for horses recipe! Simply follow this easy step-by-step guide and you are guaranteed great results, every time.

Step 1: Measure Out The Bran

Scoop four cups of wheat bran into a clean feed bucket, and give it a stir to break up any clumps.

Step 2: Heat The Water

Heat a kettle full of water until it is hot but not boiling.

Step 3: Mix The Mash – Bran Mash For Horses Recipe

Using the measuring jug, gradually add the warm water to the wheat bran. Stir thoroughly and keep adding water until you reach the desired consistency. The mash should be soft enough to stir easily, but not so wet that water oozed out when you squeeze it.

Step 4: Add Salt And Optional Extra Ingredients

Sprinkle the salt and optional extra ingredients (if using) onto the mash, and stir gently. Allow the mash to cool slightly, then serve to your horse.

Tips And Tricks For Making The Perfect Bran Mash For Horses Recipe

The key to making a great bran mash is to add just enough water to get a perfect consistency. There is no set amount, as it all depends on how much water the bran will absorb. Aim for a mash that sticks together when you squeeze it, without any water oozing.

If your bran mash is a bit too sloppy, simply sprinkle half a cup of bran on top and mix it in. This should absorb any excess moisture and give your mash the perfect consistency.

Horses love to find treats in their mash, so don’t skip the optional extras! Carrots and apples will add crunch and sweetness, and molasses are great for extra sweetness too.

How To Serve Bran Mash To Your Horse

Bran mash should only be fed as an occasional treat to your horse, and never more than once per week. Some horses will need tempting to eat this treat, but when they get used to it they will be tucking into their weekly mash with enthusiasm!

If your horse seems reluctant to try his bran mash, sprinkle some chopped carrot or apple on top to tempt him.

Summary – Bran Mash For Horses Recipe!

As you can see, making a bran mash for your horse is a quick and easy way to provide him with a nutritious and delicious treat! This recipe contains very few ingredients and is easy to prepare, and there are some fun ways you can tweak it too. Most horses will adore tucking into a bran mash, but it is important to only serve this recipe as a treat once a week or so.

We’d love to know if you’ve given our best bran mash for horses recipe a try! Do you enjoy making this recipe and including new treats for your horse to discover in his mash? Leave a comment below to tell us all about it!