Caring For Horses: Information For Beginners

Last Updated on July 14, 2021

If you’re new to the world of horses, information for beginners will really help to get you started. But there is so much information on basic horse care for beginners, where do you begin?

We will give you everything you need to know about basic horse care for beginners. We’ll also look at how to learn about horses, information for beginners you need to know, and how to find out more.

Guide To How To Take Care Of A Horse For Beginners

When learning about horses, information for beginners can seem overwhelming to start with! We’ve broken it down into the most important areas to learn at the start, to help even the most novice horse enthusiast.

  • Accommodation

In the wild, horses live outside permanently and are tough enough to withstand extreme weather. However, modern-day horses are a bit more pampered and need more care and attention!

Unless a horse is in full-time work or competes at a high level, it will normally spend most of its time living outside in a grassy field. This should be securely fenced and free from hazards. The horse will also need some kind of shelter from the sun, wind, and rain.

Guide To How To Take Care Of A Horse For Beginners - Accommodation

Many horse owners also have a stable, where the horse can spend part of the day or sleep overnight. This can be more convenient if you want to keep your horse clean and ready to ride. The stable will need a comfortable bed of shavings or straw so the horse can lie down.

Wherever you keep your horse, the accommodation should be kept clean and hygienic. Feces must be removed from the field and stable, and the stable will also need mucking out daily to remove urine-soaked bedding.

  • Feeding

Horses are herbivores and their digestive system is designed to graze for long periods throughout the day. The vast majority of their feed should be either grass or hay. A small amount of additional food, such as a pelleted horse feed, can be given to provide extra energy and nutrients.

One of the golden rules of caring for horses is that they must always have access to clean, fresh drinking water. This is essential as these large animals can drink a huge quantity of water throughout the day!

  • Grooming

Regular grooming will keep your horse’s coat healthy and shiny, and also allows you to check for wounds and injuries. Grooming also helps you to bond with your horse and develop a strong relationship. There are many different grooming brushes available, and these must be used correctly to avoid harming your horse. The hooves must also be cleaned daily to remove any stones and dirt.

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  • Exercise

Horses must be allowed to get enough exercise every day – remember that in the wild they would cover huge areas on a daily basis! Regular exercise and freedom to roam will help to keep your horse mentally and physically fit and healthy. Every horse should be allowed access to a paddock every day, whether they have been ridden or not.

If the horse is intended to be ridden, the owner or rider must make sure that the horse is fit enough for the intended work. Fitness should be built up gradually to prevent injury.

  • Health Care

Horse care is a big commitment – each horse must be checked at least twice daily in case of illness or injury. Horses are also sociable animals, and many horse welfare charities recommend that horses should not be kept alone.

Horses must be vaccinated against certain diseases, such as tetanus and equine influenza. Your veterinary clinic will be able to advise you on what vaccinations are required in your region.

Horses also require worm control, which is achieved through regular removal of the droppings and targets treatment with worming medication. They will need attention from a farrier every 6 to 8 weeks to keep the hooves in good shape. Finally, an equine dentist must attend to the teeth at least once a year to prevent dental abnormalities from developing.

How To Learn Basic Horse Care For Beginners

Finding out where to learn to ride a horse is easy – simply call your local riding stables! But how do you learn basic horse care for beginners? If you want to improve your horse care knowledge there are a range of ways you can do this.

  • Practical Horse Care Lessons

Many riding stables now recognize that people need to learn how to take care of a horse. To fulfill this need they may do lessons or training days on horse care for beginners. These lessons can be great for learning practical skills, and you can practice these in a safe and secure environment with experienced tutors.

  • Online Resources

With the huge range of online resources now available, you can learn basic horse care for beginners from the comfort of your own home! Although you are not getting hands-on experience, using online resources such as articles and videos can be a great way to develop your knowledge and understanding of basic horse care for beginners.

  • Friends And Family

If you’ve got friends, family, or even neighbors who have their own horses, why not ask if they can teach you about basic horse care for beginners? Make sure that you are honest about your experience level so you don’t put yourself in danger. Most horse owners would welcome an offer of help with the yard chores. You should find that they will happily pass on their knowledge in exchange for this!

Friends and Family

Learning to care for horses is very rewarding, and most horse owners enjoy caring for their horses just as much as they do riding them. The key to success when learning basic horse care for beginners is to take it slowly and make sure that you’ve got the basics mastered before moving onto the next stage. And don’t forget the golden rule – if in doubt, ask for help!

Do you have any questions about horses, information for beginners, or where to get started? Add a comment below this post and we’ll get back to you!