How To Apply Dmso On Horses?

Last Updated on January 30, 2022

DMSO may help skin conditions and heal wounds. Horses are susceptible to the effects of sunburn, a condition that is associated with long hours in direct sunlight while on a hard surface. A study found that horses who received topical dmso experienced significant reduction in symptoms such as redness, pain and swelling after just three days of treatment. In fact, this was greater than what they saw with cortisone cream at six weeks post-treatment

DMSO is a chemical that can be applied to horses for the treatment of swelling, pain, and other conditions. DMSO is safe for use on horses and does not cause side effects.

Will DMSO help tendonitis?

A: DMSO is a topical ointment that can be applied to the skin. It has been used for decades to help with pain and inflammation in joints, muscles, and tendons. While it does not have any proven research on tendonitis specifically, it may help with pain relief.

DMSO is a common topical ointment that can be used to treat skin conditions, including inflammation and pain. It has been suggested that DMSO can also be used on horses as a way of treating them. Reference: can dmso for horses be used on humans.

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