Top 3 Famous Irish Horse Breeds Revealed!

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Last Updated on January 21, 2022

When it comes to famous horse breeds, Irish horse breeds have many fans all around the world. This small country has produced some of the best breeds of horses, of all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at Irish horse breeds and find out why they are so popular!

Why Is Horse Breeding Popular In Ireland?

Horsemanship has a long and proud tradition in Ireland. For many centuries, Irish ponies were used for heavy work, such as carrying peat and firewood. A working horse or pony would have been an invaluable part of farming life, and the farm equine was a treasured possession.

In modern times, Irish horsemen and women are famed around the world for their skill and expertise. Horses from Ireland are often highly sought after. It is not uncommon for Irish-bred horses to be shipped around the world.

What Are Irish Horses Famous For?

Irish horse breeds are famous for many things, but the main reason has to be their athletic talents. Many of the top racehorses, showjumpers, and eventers were bred in Ireland.

The most famous Irish horses include Arkle, the legendary jump racing horse. Arkle won the Cheltenham Gold Cup three years in a row, as well as the Irish Grand National, the King George VI Chase, and two Hennessy Gold Cups.

Other famous Irish equine athletes include the racehorses Sea The Stars, Dawn Run, and Mill House. Irish Sports horses have also gone on to achieve great things, such Crusing, a top showjumping stallion, and Lenamore, the famous eventing champion.

Top 3 Famous Irish Horse Breeds

Whilst there are many horse breeds originating from Ireland, some of them are world-famous. Let’s take a look at the most famous Irish horse breeds:

1: Irish Draught

Draught, or Draft, horses are a large, muscular type of horse used for heavy farm work. Around the world, each region or country developed its own breed of draft horse, and in Ireland, we have the Irish Draught. This breed was intended to be versatile and meet the needs of farmers, and it certainly does that!

Developed in the 18th century, the Irish Draft is finer in appearance than other draft horses such as the Shire and has less feathering to the legs. They are strong enough to pull a plow, but also smart enough to pull the family to church on a Sunday. The Irish Draft also has a better jumping ability than most draft horses, and could easily cope with a full day out hunting.

2: Connemara Pony

The Connemara pony originates from the west coast of Ireland, an area covered by peat bogs and rough terrain. This native pony has an elegant and refined appearance, thanks to the bloodlines from Andalusian horses when the Spanish Armada ran aground in the 1500s. It is thought that these elegant horses bred with the now-extinct Irish Hobby Horse, creating the breed we know today.

Connemara ponies are tough, hardy creatures, that can survive in difficult conditions. They can traverse rough terrain with ease and can carry small adults as well as children. This makes the Connemara a popular family pony.

3:  Gypsy Vanner

The Gypsy Vanner is the traditional breed of the Romani Travellers and has a long association with Ireland. These beautiful horses are most often seen pulling traditional Romany caravans, which is a sight to behold. They have an extravagant movement, enhanced by their abundantly feathered legs.

Surprisingly, the origins of the Gypsy Vanner lie in the English Shire and Scottish Clydesdale horse. The Romani selected horses that were piebald and skewbald in color, which is still the trademark of this breed to this day.

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So, as we have learned, there are many breeds of horses in Ireland. These range from the versatile Connemara pony through to the athletic Irish Sports horse. There has been a long tradition of horse breeding in Ireland, and this has resulted in some top-class breeds of horse.

We’d love to hear what you think about Irish horses! Have you ever owned a pony from Ireland? Or maybe an Irish Sports horse is your dream mount? Leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you!

What Horse Breed Is Native To Ireland?

There are many horse breeds in Ireland, some of which are famous around the world. But are any of these breeds of horse considered to be native to Ireland?

A native breed is one which has developed characteristics that are specific to enable its survival in its local environment. For example, horses that live in colder climates have dense coats and thick manes, to keep them warm and dry.

The main native breeds of horse in Ireland are the Connemara pony and the Kerry Bog pony. Other Irish horse breeds, such as the Irish Cob and the Irish Draught Horse, were developed by breeders to meet a need for a certain type of horse, rather than evolving to survive in their local environment.

What Breeds Make An Irish Sport Horse?

The Irish Sports Horse is a warmblood breed of horse, developed in the early 1900s. A warmblood was often bred using a combination of a draft horse and a Thoroughbred, and the Irish Sports Horse is no different.

The origins of this versatile breed of horse is a combination of an Irish Draught Horse and the Thoroughbred. In more recent times, bloodlines of other continental warmblood breeds were also used to improve the characteristics of the Irish Sports Horse. However, purists still favor the original bloodstock of this popular breed.

Are There Any Wild Horses In Ireland?

Although many horses live in wild conditions in Ireland, there are no true wild horses. Instead, these horses are the descendants of domesticated horses, and are technically referred to as feral horses.

The main breeds of horses in Ireland that live in the wild are the Connemara pony and the Kerry Bog pony. However, many of these ponies do have owners, and are not technically wild. There are also many abandoned horses living wild in Ireland, as people cannot afford to care for them in any more.

Irish Draught

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