Average Horse Height

Horse measurements are different from any other measurements we may be accustomed to using. To understand average horse heights, and how they can affect our horses and horsemanship, it is important to understand all things in regards to horse measurement.


How are Horses Measured? What is the Average Horse Height?

Horses are not measured in inches and feet the same way that people are.  Instead, they are measured in a unit called the “hand.”

Different Horse Types: Characteristics and Heights

Miniatures Ponies Horses

Average Horse Height

If you wanted to pin down an average horse height, it would depend on how you wanted to measure it.  Do you want to measure it in terms of all horse types in existence (miniatures, ponies, and horses)? Or, ...

All Horse Groups

Say you want to derive an average height from all horse groups in existence.  Let’s say that the smallest height of a full-grown miniature horse is 8 hands. Obviously, this excludes outliers that may be shorter.

Average Horse Height, Only the “Horse” Type

Horses range from heights 14.2-19.2 hands, again excluding any outliers that may be taller than this.  The average of this height span is 17.3 hands. 

Horses vary in height much more than people do, and they are measured much differently! I hope this article helped you better understand the average horse heights and how horses are measured.  If it did, please share it, and share with us your experiences measuring horses!


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