Best Horse Feed For Weight Gain

One of the biggest worries with a senior horse or a rescue horse is weight gain.  Thankfully, there are many “senior” feeds that are designed to help horses put on weight.  So, what is the best senior horse feed for weight gain?


Types of Best Senior Horse Feed For Weight Gain

Tribute Senior Sport : is most appropriate for horses who are just entering the age where they may be considered a senior, or horses that are returning to work after some time off.

The ingredients that help in this process are fiber, Vitamin E, amino acids, organic minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Pros: - Trustworthy - Healthy ingredients - Encourages weight gain Cons: - Expensive - Best for newly senior horses

Best Senior Horse Feed For Weight Gain: Triple Crown Senior

Triple Crown Senior is the perfect feed for senior horses in all stages of their senior years, and for horses in any kind of recovery, looking to gain weight.

Triple Crown Senior is made with lots of fiber and high-fat content. Both of these things encourage weight gain and healthy digestive systems.

Cost-Benefit: Triple Crown Senior can be expensive, but it is well worth the cost for the benefit it will bring your senior horse.

Pros - Good for all types of senior horses - Can be a full diet for horses unable to eat hay or grass - Can be mixed with water to make a mash for horses unable to chew Encourages weight gain

Cons - Expensive - Beet-pulp based (good for some horses, but not all) - Low starch and sugar (good for some horses, but not all)

Best Senior Horse Feed For Weight Gain: Purina Equine Senior

Purina’s Equine Senior formula has been developed over the course of 20 years and combines both reliable Purina nutritional staples with new nutritional technologies.

Purina Equine Senior includes prebiotics and antioxidants (Vitamin C and Vitamin E) to strengthen a horse’s immune system.

Cost-Benefit: Purina Equine Senior can be pricey, but the cost will always be dependent on who you purchase your grain and feeds from . . .

Pros - High in fiber- easy to digest - Includes Prebiotics to boost immune system - Encourages weight gain Cons - Expensive

Best Senior Horse Feed For Weight Gain: Buckeye Nutrition Safe ‘N Easy Senior

It is intended to be fed with some type of forage, such as hay or grass. If a senior or injured horse cannot consume hay or grass, this could be an issue.

Ingredients: These are soybean oil, stabilized milled flaxseed, and dried beet pulp.

Pros - Soft, easy to chew pellets - Apple flavor- entices horses to eat - Prebiotics and probiotics to boost immune system - Weight-gaining ingredients

Cons - Needs to be fed with forage (hay or grass) - Not intended to mix into a mash

Different feeds and supplements will be suitable for my horse, and alternative feeds and supplements will be suitable for your horse.  But, being informed is always the correct first step to making the right choices for your horse’s health and well-being.


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